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Top rated Grammy Winners.

Example 2
Early Morning CrossFit Workout.

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Playlist for 4 year olds.

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List of popular fast paced and motivational Hindi songs.

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More than 33,000 Playlists have been created. Checkout out some of the playlists generated using


Yes, a Pro user you will be able to create Unlisted Private Spotify Playlists. You will have full control over the playlists such as add or remove content as well as collaborate with others. 

Playlist Genius uses song recommendations from ChatGPT and Spotify Web API to create the playlist. The playlist assumes the customer in the US and thus some of the songs may not be playable in other territories.

Currently no. If you would like to use another music streaming provider, send me an email at email@kunalmodi[dot]com

Email me at with any feedback you may have and I will get back to you.

The song recommendations come from ChatGPT 3.5. As per OpenAI, this version had access to data until early 2022. I am hoping newer versions of ChatGPT can answer with up to date data. I will incorporate the changes as soon as the new data is available.

Both button will create playlist in your connected Spotify Account. "Create Playlist" button will create a Public Playlist while "Create Pro Playlist" button will create an Unlisted Private Spotify Playlist.

Built with  by Kunal Modi using ChatGPT and Spotify API